An enjoyable holiday or business trip experience in Arusha, at an affordable price.
The Concept.

Adia's place provides holiday or business accommodation for those who want to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city, close to African village life, but at the same time close enough that they can easily access the city's facilities, nightlife, etc.

We are about 20 minutes from the Clock Tower, but at the same time we are right on the edge of rural Africa. When you wake in the morning here it is to the sound of cows mooing, and cocks crowing. A ten minute walk around our village will show you a microcosm of the way that average Tanzanians live.

It's also for those who enjoy a place with style, character and a beautiful garden, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg.

What You See.

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The main house.

The dining area.

The conservatory.

The guest wing.

The garden.

The Old Cottage.

The South House.

The puppies' house.

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What You Get

As a beginning Adia's Place is very small, and it will probably never be large - that would in some ways contradict the nature of the place. The current accommodations are as follows:

  • Two 'small' rooms. These are 3.5m square rooms - not so small - with an additional space for storage of your stuff, and with a pleasant western style en-suite bathroom.
  • The 'Honeymoon Room' - a similar but larger room set up with a couple in mind.
  • One good sized room with similar setup, but with an entrance foyer leading to a separate bedroom and bathroom.
  • The Old Cottage - a somewhat rustic, furnished cottage-style house with bedroom, bathroom, living, and cooking areas, ideal for a couple on a longer term stay.
  • The South House - a furnished small house with bedroom, en-suite bathroom, living, and cooking areas, again ideal for a couple on a longer term stay.
Any of the bedrooms can be fitted out with either a double bed or two singles. Let's look at one of the smaller rooms as an example.

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From the door.

The bathroom.

Typical double bed.

Inside view.

The essence - simplicity.

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The rooms come with breakfast, and the small houses can be let bed-and-breakfast if that suits you. If you are here for some time, you can let the small houses self catering at a significantly lower price. In all cases, we can provide breakfast if you need to be pampered, either included or paid for. We can also feed you in the evening if you like.

Our breakfast is typically:

  • Fruit
  • Tea or coffee
  • One of of:
    • Eggs (2 or 3 depending on size) - fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, or mini-omelette.
    • Fried tomatoes and hot-dog style sausage (the tomatoes here seem to be particularly tasty).
    • Cheddar cheese on toast.
    • Adia's beans* on toast
    • Cheese soup - All the above with toast.
    • Corned beef hash
    • Toast and spreads - cheese spread, African honey, Nutella, local peanut butter, jam, and marmalade.
    • Muesli, corn flakes, or Weetabix with milk.
If you want to eat with us in the evening, barring some special agreement, you will get the set meal of the day, current price TS10000. This could be African, Euro, or Transatlantic - pot luck. Typical meals are:
  • Grilled fish (lake Tilapia, or sea red snapper) with rice or potatoes and seasonable vegetables**.
  • Corned beef hash with a side salad***.
  • Chips mayai (an omelette made with chips/french fries) with pili-pili (hot sauce) and a side salad.
  • Ugali with beef in gravy with seasonal vegetable.
  • Kagera style green bananas in a sauce with beans and meat.
  • Beef skewers with garlic mashed potatoes and chutney.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese.
  • Rice and Beans with seasonable vegetable (vegetarian).
  • Tuna mayonnaise with salad, lettuce, and red potatoes boiled in their skins.
  • Beef burger and chips with Adia's beans.
  • Spicy goat casserole.

If you want something that is not the meal of he day, and the ingredients are available, the cost will typically beroung TS15000.

* - Adia's beans are to die for!
** - Vegetables are often from our own garden.
*** - Salad is typically a mix of tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onion, and avocado, with olive oil and lemon juice dressing.


Please feel free to bring your own - we'll chill it for you if required. Within minutes there are two African village style pubs that we can introduce you to. We're also close to popular pubs and restaurants at Nane Nane, on Njiro Road


If you have your smartphone or laptop with you, there's wireless Internet within the compound. Alternatively there's a public machine available to access your email etc.

The rooms and small houses are equipped with a small LCD TV connected to the local digital TV transmitter. You can get the major international news channels, local channels, and some entertainment channels.

If you don't have a Tanzanian phone, We'll give you a cheapo local prepaid phone as your room keyring when you arrive so you can communicate with us and avoid roaming charges on your own mobile. For this we'll need you to pay a deposit of around $40. You'll use the phone to book dinner if you want it, when you plan to be out late, or when you need a lift.


In some cases the tour company that's organizing your itinerary will get you to us and to your other destinations. However, if you are doing it yourself we can take you into town and pick you up for a small extra charge. Alternatively we can get you from or take you to the main road, and you can sample the joys of African public transport - the Daladala.

Adia's Place can provide one-stop shopping. If you need it, we can organize a mini bus with driver to you pick you up from and take you back to the airport. Safari's can be tailored to your requirements, but that's best done before you arrive. Let us know what you want -

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The Locality.

Kikokwaru is the area to the west of Njiro 'B' block. Suburbia is creeping closer - Adia's Place for instance, but it is still at the edge of a rural area. Here's our location on Google Maps. Unfortunately Google's satellite views and maps of Tanzania leave quite a lot to be desired.

The people of the village keep cows and hens and goats, and grow vegetables, beans, corn, and fruit trees for sale or consumption. To the west there's a steep sided valley through which flows a river that flows south from Mt Meru. Sadly it goes nowhere. Further south it runs into the dry where it just dries up. Fortunately the village has an irrigation system along the ridge that I believe is fed from the outflow from the settling ponds of the Arusha sewage system.

Many of the buildings in the area behind Adia's Place are the traditional woven wood and mud structures with no glass in the windows and only the occasional door. On the village main street the houses are mostly new ones that have replaced wood and mud with concrete blocks.

You'll see the scenes below as you take a micro safari around the village.

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Our entrance.

Neighbours smallholding

Mini-safari path.

River valley.

Fruit Trees.

Boundary line.

Sweet potatoes.

Security hedge.

The path continues.

Mud and wattle hut.


Domestic vegetables.

Bright red bougainvillea.

Brick yard.

The mountain.

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Adia's Place could well be the best value for money in Arusha. It is a pleasant walled compound with good security, ample car parking, a beautiful garden, and great food. If you're in Arusha, check it out - +255 762422888.


We have an On-Line Booking system, which we'd be pleased if you would use. If you get a confirmation email then it's a safe bet that we got your booking.

If you don't, or you would prefer to speak to someone (English or Swahili) call Adia at +255 762 422888.

Room Availability

As of , we have rooms available as follows:

If you want to rent one of the small houses on a self catering basis ($450/month), please enquire.

Find Us

Take Njiro Road south from Arusha, down Themi hill, and across the railway line. Drive past a long line of shops and the Njiro Centre on the right. After that you'll start to go uphill, with the tower of the ESAMI building at the top of the hill on your left. When the hill levels out you'll pass the Catholic church (Kanisa Katoliki) on your left, and just after that the Arusha Institute of Accountancy. Continue.

Another 400m on your right there's a fairly major side road. It's a daladala stop called 'Tanesco', and there are a lot of signboards, and motor cyclists plying for trade, and vendors, and more than likely a daladala picking up passengers. Take that right.

Going down the hill you'll come to an almost crossroads, with an iron working shop on the road to your right. Continue straight ahead. Shortly afterwards you'll come to a junction - almost a fork. Take the left.

You'll cross two streams, with a significant dip going down to the second one. At the other side you'll come to a T junction. Turn left, and then take the first right. You'll come to a big red gate - honk your horn, or call +255 762 422 888, to get it opened.

Pre-Arranged Safaris

If you want an off the peg Tanzanian holiday, we can give you a quote for a safari to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti or other destinations. (See the Safari Tale for our own experience.)

If you want a beach trip or a visit to Zanzibar, we can organize those too.

Academic Visitors

We particularly welcome mature students and visiting lecturers from the Arusha Institute of Accountancy, ESAMI, and TRAPCA, which are nearby.

If they are full there, ask the receptionist about Adia's Place.

Contacting Us

You can click the 'Comments and Questions" item on the main menu, or simply click here.

Alternatively, you can send us an email, text or phone Adia on +255 762422888, or write to us at:

Adia's Place
PO Box 16387

Your Host

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We confidently recommend:

Serena Car Hire

PO BOX 2556 Arusha, Tanzania
+255 27 2509833

Adia's Place - history

Why Adia's Place, What's the idea? Well there's a chronic shortage of decent jobs in Tanzania, and the best bet, if you can get started, is to build a business of your own. So Adia, despite her training as a lawyer is currently putting her efforts into the tourism and hospitality arena.

Now Arusha has lots of hotels and guest houses, but the majority of them are in the city, and we figured that not everyone who visits Tanzania wants to stay in the middle of town. However it's also the case that from the point of view of accessing the tourist facilities, night life facilities, etc, that are there, visitors won't want to be too far away either.

So we thought we'd try to cater to this group of visitors, and at the same time provide a better that average accommodation experience at a lower than average price.


Proprietor: Adia Mussa Mohammed - aka Adia Teale

Tanzania TIN: 106-248-869