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December 2012 in Tanzania through the eyes of an Englishman

The residue: A burned-out tyre. Lighting these, and throwing stones at passing cars are apparently popular new year pastimes.

The residue.

31/12/2012 - New Year.

So the new year came in for me in the way I have sadly grown to expect in Tanzania, not with a party, but with a yawn.

You have four choices. You can go to one of the big hotels for maybe $50 a head. That's probably OK, but to get your money's worth, you have to be there by eight to eat the included meal, and after twelve you have to hang around until maybe 3am before the roads are safe to drive on to get home.

You can go to a disco. They're open late every night, but I've somehow grown out of them. Or you can eat at home, and get drunk, then join the crowd of mad people on the streets at midnight. The latter is cheap and tempting but probably rather dangerous, since people like to bring out their firearms and shoot them in the air. I'm sure it is all very good natured, but the combination of darkness, drink, and guns does not appeal to me. Or you can stay home, go to bed early and ignore the whole thing, like we did.

What I want is to go to my local pub, where there's maybe a bit of food and a DJ, get legless, dance a bit, sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight and kiss all the girls, then go home before it gets out of hand, and sleep it off. But that option does not appear to be available here. I asked at my local - JKT - but the manager answered me as if I was an alien who'd asked if humans farted chlorine gas like them.

Anyway, let me wish a Happy New Year to all BEV readers and anyone else who might stumble upon this page, then I'll continue in 2013 as if nothing has happened, which is more or less the case.

Experimental sandwich: Peanut butter, avocado, and potato crisps.

Experimental sandwich.

27/12/2012 - Try This.

What do you do in the part of Christmas week between Boxing Day (26 Dec) and New Year? This is a rhetorical question, since I have no good suggestion. However I came up with a snack today that is pretty basic, and something of a contrast with the rich stuff you may have eaten over Christmas.

Take two slices of good brown bread, and spread each with peanut butter. Cut up an avocado, and slice the pieces. Arrange a good layer of these on one of the bread slices. On top of the avocado add a layer of potato crisps (US potato chips). Apply salt and pepper to the other slice, and close the sandwich.

Serve with a large shot of good vodka that has been chilled in the freezer. Repeat as necessary - sandwich and vodka, or just vodka - until a suitable philosophical state is achieved. I just made up this last bit, but I promise to try it when we have some decent vodka in the house. Maybe ...

If I don't get round to it before, let me wish a Happy New Year to all BEV readers.

P.S. Works quite well with even cheapo Tanzanian vodka, which I tried with the second sandwich made for the photo. Heigh ho, speed the plough, rule Britannia!

More hot water capacity: we will have 10 guests later this week.

More hot water capacity.

18/12/2012 - Plumbing.

Later this week we have two Swedish families coming for a few days, totalling 10 visitors. This definitely maxes us out, and as Adia pointed out, would totally overwhelm our hot water capabilities. It has been a problem before, so something had to be done.

Previously we had three rooms on one 50L water heater, with an in-line shower in the other room. So last Thursday we set about cutting the system in half, and installing an extra heater so that each heater served two rooms. It got finished yesterday. Now, not only is the quantity of hot water more than doubled, but also as a bonus, the pipework seems to have lower resistance and the shower flow rates are improved.

I am switching over to the use of IPF plastic piping.

There's never a dull moment.

The second foundation: For unit 2 and part of that for unit 3.

The second foundation.

13/12/2012 - December.

I am very late this month - no real excuse apart from laziness, apathy, and such.

I have spent more time sitting around watching the builders than I would have cared to, a) because it is necessary if you want the job done half right, and b) because I have been nursing the ankle/foot I was complaining about my last post.

The ankle is much improved now. I have done a couple of quite long bike rides, and numerous shorter ones. After the longer ones the ankle has been a bit stiff in the mornings for an hour or two, but then it loosens up and feels pretty good. I still taking it easy on walking over rough ground, as that poses more of a threat than cycling while the foot is getting back to full strength.

The builders finished the second foundation in our new development today. Actually what they have done includes a part of the third foundation as well, because the end of the next unit is part of a corner. To get the roof right there will have to be some walls going off at right angles.

Adia's hairdresser came to see the new compound a couple of days ago, and wants to move in to unit 1. I don't thing he has a clear picture of the work required to get it from where it is now to something that is habitable. Little things like providing drainage, water supply, an electricity supply, doors on the rooms, ceilings, floor and bathroom tiling, bathroom fittings and so on, not to mention a gate for the compound. It's not that these things can't be done quite quickly in principle. Actual progress is limited strictly by cash flow.

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