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Asha a married woman
Asha a married woman.

21/2/2005 - A Wedding

Our ex-maid Asha got married today, so I took some time off work and Terry and I ventured into Murphytown to the wedding. It's not a particularly salubrious area, and the venue wasn't what you'd call five-star. But given the family circumstances it was no more or less than you'd have expected. Everyone of course was most hospitable.

Asha seemed quite cheerful, though I know she'd had her doubts about the arrangement. There was just a moment when I was taking the pictures of her and her new husband sitting on the official marriage thrones when her eyes flashed at me and I thought they said "Steve, get me out of here". Such is life.

The second colour to appear
The second colour to appear.

15/2/2005 - Definitely Spring

Everything is springing into bloom now, and it's getting quite hot, but there's still nothing much in the way of rain.

You'll have noticed that I'm still being lazy. Actually that's not quite true. I've been neglecting the web page, but working on one of my software projects. But it looks the same.

Somali sisters - members of the African group at TGIF
Somali sisters.
5/2/2005 - Further Grovelling

My first excuse was the Dan Brown books. Then unfortunately, the phone got cut off because I'd neglected to pay the bill. Why do they do that? Well getting the phone back was a simple matter of paying the bill, and waiting for a few hours. But getting the DSL carrier signal back so we could connect to the Internet was another matter. Perhaps I'll pay the bill on time this month. Hey Ho!

It rained this week. This is good, it has washed the trees and made them look brighter, and I guess it will encourage some new leaf growth. I don't remember it raining before in the last two months, and everything was starting to look a bit gray with a combination of dust and two-stroke engine soot.

The two-stroke engine situation gets worse. The old mopeds and motor bikes, and the auto-rickshaws get used until they drop to pieces, so they're an aging population as well as a growing one. Of course, as they get older, they make more smoke. Also they descend down the value slope, and end up with owners with zero education who probably don't even know that two-stroke oil should be mixed with the fuel in a definite proportion. As a result it's a common sight to see some guy driving down the road on a clapped out moped with a 50cc sewing-machine engine, pushing out a cloud of fumes that render a 100 meter section of some major road unfit for human habitation.

My point of view on this is rather similar to my attitude to the smokers in the pubs. I have to inhale this shit every day as I go to and from work, whether I ride my bike, or go in an auto. Why are they ganging up to kill me? Unfortunately I don't see any rapid end to it. Lots of working class Indians depend on these things to get them to work, and the public transport system is already stretched to the limit. So the government is not going to come down on them heavily any time soon.
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