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February 2013 in Tanzania through the eyes of an Englishman

Danger: Electricity may be dangerous, but an absence of it is too.


20/2/2013 - TANESCO Games.

Adia went to the TANESCO offices today to apply for an electricity supply to our new compound. When she got there she was confronted by a very long queue for supply applications. People kept leaving, and eventually one of them told Adia's section of the queue that there was a notice further along to the effect that no application forms were available. A little further investigation suggested that this had been the case for maybe a month.

Could this, I asked myself, be just ghastly inefficiency? I think not. Even the worst of organizations could have got some forms printed in that time. So no, it must be deliberate, a simple subterfuge to prevent people from applying for new connections.

But why, you might ask, would they not just put up a sign saying that no new connections could be accepted at this time due to an insufficiency of supply? Well, that could be because such a statement would be politically unacceptable. The government has a policy of connecting as many homes as possible to the supply - one of its 'look how well we have done' targets. Another reason might be that the government has recently told TANESCO to reduce the cost of electricity connections. Political reality includes the possibility that the newly prescribed cost is less than what it costs TANESCO to do the work.

So, a stroke of management genius! Just tell the manager who signs the order for the new forms not to do so, and to keep his mouth shut, and bingo! Problem solved.

There was also a very long queue of people who have the old post-paid electricity meters attempting to pay their bill. This could be a symptom of similar policy - if people don't pay their bills they can be disconnected. More likely though it's because of lack of staff. People are bound to leave from time to time, and either the cash-strapped company can't afford to replace them, or maybe nobody wants a job with an employer who is on such a slippery slope any more. Same difference - not enough staff to collect the revenue.

Fecundity: Adia complete with bump, avocados to the right.


17/2/2013 - Adia Pregnant.

It's been a long road with many twists and turns since 2006, but Adia has finally got something she has wanted for years. She is pregnant - second trimester at this point, and I am now permitted to announce it.

I have to admit that I find the prospect of being a father again a bit daunting at age 71, which is what I'll be when the baby is zero. I have however got a proper baby carrier, so I shall be able to take her/him to the pub with me, and show off ;=) I dare say that the baby will have a dedicated helper for those occasions when Adia is not around, so I shall be able to behave like a member of the aristocracy in the 19th century - go to the nursery and see it every so often.

Sex of baby T is unknown at this point. The next scan should tell, though Adia says she does not want to know. I do though, it's the 21st century, and I don't see the point of the suspense. The gyno agrees with me so I may find out from him.

Home sweet home: The garden from our veranda.

Home sweet home.

7/2/2013 - February.

January was unusually wet, but the weather now seems to be gradually reverting to the norm for this time of year.

It - January - was also devoid of guests, other than Annemarie and Ferry, who currently occupy our two cottages. But now at least we have one, and there are more to come this month. Typically we go from empty to more than we have room for.

I finally got my replacement debit card from the bank in the USA. Four months accumulation of my Social Security benefits are now allowing us to make some progress on unit one of our ongoing development. Spemba the roofer is working on the gypsum board ceilings, and if I can get myself off my arse, I'm going to make a start on the little deck outside today. Our resident masons have already done concrete and block supports for the wooden structure. The day's job is to bolt a length of 6x2 to the wall as the support for its back edge.

Before that though, I need to get the motor scooter Kiki fixed. Yesterday the engine just stopped, and then would not start again - a combination of a dicky starter solenoid switch and a carburettor problem I would guess.

Right now, I'm listening to some Tchaikovsky after a good breakfast of sausage, stewed tomatoes, toast, and fruit; and feeling somewhat sentimental. It does no harm. You all should come here to escape that nasty northern hemisphere winter weather ;=)

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