May 2007 in Bangalore through the eyes of an Englishman

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Constance Teale.

27/5/2007 - A Requiem

Today, at about 9:30 GMT, my mother Constance Teale died, as a result of congestive heart failure, lung inflammation, dehydration, and probably above all because she had decided that enough was enough. She was 93 years old, and so it can't be said that she did not have a good run for her money. Her mother still holds the family record - she was well over a hundred when she went. Connie was a Christian woman, and I know that in her belief death was an opportunity to rejoin her beloved husband Sam. Consequently I think that within the family there is little grief: just a sadness borne out of the loss of an old friend.

Of course, as the prodigal son, when she died I was away in some far country. Her daughter Julie, and my daughter Rachel kept the vigil. I am never where I should be at these times, but equally it can be said that death never comes at a convenient time.

If I have any intellectual capabilities, I owe them largely to Connie, who was no slouch herself, and who encouraged me to think and to learn using the simplest of incentive schemes when I was a boy. If I was top of my class, I got a box of 'Black Magic' chocolates once a year as my reward. No gift has ever been of greater value to me. Rest in peace Connie.
20/5/2007 - More things to fill the time

As if I didn't already have enough things I'm behind on, this month I've got myself interested in the 'D' programming language. D was invented by Walter Bright, a guy I worked with many moons ago - back in 1988 to 1992: Bright by name, and equivalently endowed brainwise. He was the author of the Zortech C++ compiler at that time. You can find details of D here. It's something that I have felt should exist for a long time, a language that compiles to native code, and includes the best language features from C, C++, Java, C# and one or two others. Walter also specializes in building compilers that are very fast at doing their job, and produce code that runs, as the saying goes, like "shit off a shovel". Currently on the TIOBE index it is rated as programming language number 14.

I took to the language as soon as I'd read the introduction - a reaction similar to my first reading of Kernigan and Ritchie's book on C back in 1983 or whenever. Unfortunately in this case there isn't a book, so I might have to do something about that, even if it's only a PDF one for the Internet. But when will I find the time?

The other thing I should probably come clean about is the fact that Adia and I have decided to pack it up in India at the end of August this year. We will go and live in Tanzania, where once again in my life I'll have to go through the process of having no legal status and having to bootstrap myself. Preparing for that transition and finding somewhere to live there etc, is going to be time consuming. Also I'm hoping that R2K might continue to farm out a bit of work to me from time to time until Adia becomes a cabinet minister and can keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed.

Enough winging: I shall start by attempting to create a framework for Windows Services in D, with event logging and regular file logging with rollover. If that works out OK I'll worry about what do do next when it's finished.
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