Installing Publicity

When you download the software, choose save to disk. You will have a file wherever you told the download to put it, called If you don't have WinZip, you can download it from Make a folder to unzip the file. For example if you downloaded the file to your c:\temp directory, you can make a new folder c:\tem\ptyinstall. Use WinZip to extract the files from the downloaded zip file to the folder you created.

Once you have unzipped the files, simply doubleclick on setup.exe in the folder you created, and answer the simple questions posed by the install program.

I'm sorry this is somewhat complicated. I'm going to get the stuff out and do some work on it to simplify things. For the moment, the version you will have installed has a nag screen when you print anything. If you want to use it beyond evaluation, sent us an email requesting an unlocked copy. If you need it for business use, give the company name, and we'll get back to you. Otherwise we'll send you a file to run and update the installation.