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The BEV Retrospective.

Life's a Journey.

This set of pages is intended to give you some idea of what life was like in the second half of the 20th century by describing my life in the context of the history, technology, and cultural background of the times. I'm a fairly average Englishman, and you'll find out more about me as you go along.

I have attempted to make the trip as light hearted as possible, but that won't be always be the case. In some places it might be a dry read, because an average life is not always exciting, in others there'll be more history than life. This applies particularly to the early years before my memory kicks in - the period of WW2. I believe though that it's essential in describing these times to have a feel for that epic struggle. It affected everything that followed. There will not be a test, so feel free to skip any parts of it that are not up your street. If you can't stomach WW2 history, skip to 1946.

Also be aware that I shall not change names to protect the innocent. Nobody's innocent - it's just that some are less guilty than others. I am not proposing to pull any punches, so if you see yourself coming up, and this bothers you, then talk to me. I'm an old man, and therefore the people involved are not youngsters any more either, and I'm hoping they'll survive me telling the truth as I remember it.

I have tried where possible to link to music of the times, but as we all know, mp3 links tend to be ephemeral. If you find broken ones, please let me know.