About You.

What About You?

Well, this page is just to demonstrate to you what the owner of a web page can determine about you with little or no effort, any time you visit one of her/his pages - a bit of nonsense really.

As a demo, it does not go to great lengths, and it does not look-up information from any sites that are not there specifically for the purpose of such look-ups.



UTC date/time of your visitFri, 07:55:56 20190524
Your IP address - probably the IP address of your Internet Provider.
Best guess at your city - again, probably the city if your IP.Ashburn
Similarly your region.Virginia
Your country.United States
Your continent.NA
Your coordinates lattitude/longitude.39.0481/-77.4728
Which page on the web site you are visiting - this can provide information about your interests./php/aboutyou.php
If you allow cookies, and if so, when you last visited this page.Cookies not allowed, or no previous visits.
If some other page claims to have sent you here, what was it.

(Location data courtesy of geoplugin.net.)