New York Panorama

Life in Bangalore through the eyes of an Englishman

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God released me from morality when I was twenty five,
letting my firstborn die in my arms.
A child, without sin - what more can he impose?

Think twice before you love or put your trust in me,
I'll judge you silently as days go by.
There's no forever, no future, no lifetime pass.

Spending my life a wanderer, new fences, greener grass,
I'll trust in few things but myself.
Though now the world is small, no places left.

I beg forgiveness from those I have passed by.
You will have judged me as you please,
and I have no rebuttal, but also hold no grudge.

What's my authority in this? None but my own.
I'll meet my maker when he's ready,
and, if he gets in range, spit in his eye.

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