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Life in Manhattan through the eyes of an Englishman

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Happy Hour

Times are hard, and competition fierce,
each bar must have some little edge,
balancing economics with ingenuity.

The trick's to get them in;
laid back after one or two quick drinks,
then serve some food in sniffing range.

To plant that little seed of doubt,
shop and cook, or sit here and eat?
It's cheaper here than making it at home.

A board outside promotes the bar's pet hook,
brute force low price on cheaper drinks,
or two for one, or beer in in bulk.

Give them the drink for free - almost.
To do so literally won't fly.
The city shuts you down for that.

Provide that early evening buzzz,
and hope come seven they'll be eating;
maybe hang out and buy another round.

Check their tab later, only to find
what started as economy quite blown.
My god, how did we spend all that?

Next day the fog of work dims memory,
after all, we had a super time.
Hey, join me after work - it's happy hour.

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