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In the Mood

Am I a dried up old stick,
no emotions, nothing left to say?
Not long ago I tried to find
things that were interesting and true.
To find some insight, or a joke,
to make life less mundane.

Thoughts would pop into my head,
and take some shape as I drove or rode.
Then I'd spend an hour or two
going over the words to make them fit.
Words are unmanageable things,
changing their ways behind your back.

Did lack of confidence mute me?
I can't think why, I feel secure.
Maybe such verses grow from doubts
that make you think about your life.
Now I'm content and do not question.
But no, that's bull, it's something else.

In verse you are your inner self,
there's probably some insight there.
I tried life in a goldfish bowl,
but partners like to paint the glass.
I should resist, there's not that long
to dwell on truth or lies before they're gone.

Perhaps to try is the important thing.
Practice makes perfect, as they say.
But then perfection's not my aim.
Wait for that and you'll wait forever.
I should do it for the fun of it,
and say my piece when I'm in the mood.

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