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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.

Eat drink and be merry, so it goes.
For tomorrow is uncertain,
we may not get the chance again.
How does this hold up in life today?

In Shakespeare's day a man might well.
Opportunity was likely scarce,
and daily labour was the common lot.
The fat he ate today would burn tomorrow.

The rich and powerful knew real gluttony.
But a thousand ailments now extinct
or trivial could cut them down.
Blame it on food and drink, not likely!

Now we know better, or we should.
Our hearts can not sustain high living,
having more time to take the damage.
Each bout of merrymaking takes its toll.

Yet the urge is still alive and well.
Food, fast or rich, lures us everywhere,
a distraction from the daily tedium.
We politely disregard obesity, or try.

Lifestyle can sustain both body and soul.
The ascetic oriental traditions show
us ways to live in peace and health.
But merry hardly leaps to mind.

And so we try to double up our lives.
Wedging the daily labour in between
the tedium - treadmills all round.
So we still have leeway for the feast.

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