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The Smile

It's an ordinary morning,
standing on the subway platform.
Suddenly from out of nowhere
appears the smile.

A smile for someone else
is my shy first assumption.
But then I see the eyes are
looking at me.

A pretty face;
perhaps a Latin background.
The smile fades, but the eyes
probe me frankly.

The train sets out,
downtown - Brooklyn bound.
At City Hall she leaves
with glance and nod.
How can this be,
why would she smile at me?
Next day I set out earlier
and she's not there.

Next week I find her time;
you could set your clock by her.
The smile is always there;
a silent warm greeting.

We learn to speak.
A voice matching the smile and eyes,
always relaxed and easy,
is a little daily treat.

Now my job's gone,
swallowed by the recession.
We meet no more, but still the smile,
lingers like the Cheshire Cat.

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