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I'll take him home, and see you there,
should take the scooter anyway.
She rolls it back and pays the man.
I'm well contented with my fate.

I don't need clubbing in mid week.
The morning comes round soon enough!
A ride home with a pretty girl
will round the day off very well.

Apart from regular pedal bikes,
two-wheeler's never were my thing.
Don't put your feet down! Hold on tight,
and leave the balancing to me.

I relax and let her do the work.
The four-stroke engine purrs along,
a contrast to the two-stroke bikes
with their petulant, metallic snarl. 

Transported, with the girl between my thighs,
and a cool breeze blowing in my face.
Together, in a private moving space,
I wish the drive were twice as long.

We soon reach home, and I dismount.
She doffs her helmet for a kiss.
Goodnight, I'll see you, then she's off,
vanishing quickly in the night.

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