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Boiled Eggs with Soldiers

  • An egg cup - if you don't have this, don't start,
  • Two eggs - extra large is about right,
  • Two or three slices of bread - whole wheat is good.
Food picture

Serving suggestion

Your mother may have made this for you. If she didn't it's time somebody did, then you can make it for your children. This is for one.

Put two inches of water into a small pan (pot), and put the eggs in carefully. Put the pan on the stove and heat it to boiling. While it's heating get the bread ready to toast, and set a timer for three minutes. When the water boils, start the timer, and turn down the heat to a steady boil.

Now toast the bread. This always takes me at least two tries, the first time I always burn it. Butter the bread; this is an old fashioned recipe, so I mean butter. Cut the slices of buttered toast into strips about three quarters of an inch wide - the soldiers.

The eggs should have timed out by now, especially if you burned the first two slices of toast. When they do, take them out of the boiling water with a spoon, and let them dry. Put one in the egg cup on a plate, and put the other on the plate. Put the soldiers on the plate with the eggs, and add a teaspoon. To eat, tap the egg in the cup with the edge of the teaspoon about a third of the way from the top to crack the shell, Then push the front edge of the teaspoon into the crack to remove the top of the egg. Be careful not to spill the yolk all over, and add some salt. Dip the soldiers into the yolk, and eat. When that's done scoop out the white with the teaspoon and eat with other soldiers.

When you're through, relax and enjoy being a child again for a few minutes.

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