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Potato and Avocado Soup.

  • Four large potatoes,
  • Two ripe (soft) avocados,
  • One large onion,
  • Half pound grated white cheddar cheese,
  • As much crushed garlic as you like.
Sorry, there's no picture - we ate it, and it doesn't look that striking anyway.
This is a complete-meal soup, intended to be thick and hearty.

Peel the potatoes and cut them up as if to make mashed potatoes. Boil them with a little salt, and just enough water to cover them, until they are almost tender. At the same time, chop the onion medium fine and fry it in olive oil over a low heat until it is cooked and translucent. Halve the avocados and remove the stones, then cut into quarters and peel off the skin. Cut the avocado quarters into smaller pieces.

Now take the potatoes off the heat, and add the avocados. Mash them roughly in the water in which they were cooked, then add the onion and the oil in which it was cooked, add pepper to taste. If you want to add garlic, add crushed garlic to taste now. Simmer the result for 10 minutes, then quickly stir in the grated cheese, so it doesn't curdle, and serve. Serve with good crusty bread - in NYC I recommend Eli's Tuscan loaf.

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