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Potato and Peanut Butter Soup.

  • Two medium/large potatoes,
  • A medium sized onion,
  • Garlic - I used four large cloves
  • Two medium Roma tomatoes
  • Dessert spoon of general-purpose curry powder
  • Half teaspoon of chili powder,
  • Tablespoon of peanut butter.
Food picture

Nearly all gone.

I made this when there was really nothing in the house to cook, and it was cold, and we were hungry. For something made out of odds and ends, it turned out quite well.

Peel and dice the potatoes so they'll cook quickly, and put them in a pot with a couple of cups of water to boil. Finely chop the onion and garlic, and fry in the oil of your choice until tender and a little browned, adding the spices along the way. Chop up the tomatoes quite small, then add to the onions and garlic and continue frying until the tomatoes are very soft. Finally add the peanut butter and stir fry to amalgamate the mixture.

Hopefully by now the potatoes are cooked. Add the fried mixture and stir together, then mash the mixture coarsely in the remaining water. Add extra water as required to make a fairly thick soup (it will thicken more as you go on), and salt to taste. Although I didn't use it, I suspect a squeeze of lemon juice would work well at this point also.

Simmer for another five minutes, then serve with some chunks of bread of your choice. 'Twas yummy and quite economical.

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