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Afternoon Delight.

Sorry, no sex pictures. I don't need to get charged extra by my internet provider for running a porn site. This is 'educational material', but I will try to find a tastful illustration of the position I'm talking about, which may or may not be in the Khama Sutra or the Perfumed Garden.

  • A spare afternoon,
  • A willing woman,
  • A willing man (this is a specific recipe - I'm not putting down anybody's sexual preferences),
  • A bedroom in an apartment or house, best with subdued sunlight filtering in, and a comfortable temperature,
  • Suitable music,
  • Two to four glasses of wine or champagne.

First arrange the venue. This may well of course just be where you live. If it is, get rid of the kids for the day, and the day before tell the friends that might call that you will be going somewhere. Make sure that both parties know exactly what the afternoon is reserved for (actually you'll only need an hour or two), so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the last moment. So arrange the time off work, don't just assume you'll be able to play hookey.

Meet either at the venue, or meet at a local bar, and have the glass or two of wine there. Local, mind you, we don't want the trip to the venue to take much in the way of time or become a distraction. When you get there, put on the music. I suggest something classical for this recipe. Brahms 3 is good, or some Sibelius, or I like the string orchestral music of Edward Elgar, or Wagner's Siegfried Idyll. The music should be romantic but not slush, and not too intrusive, though it should have passion. Ravel's Bolero is for another recipe.

If you met at the venue, get your glasses of wine, and sip them and talk while both parties remove their clothes. By the way, this is afternoon delight, no cheating on full undressing, or drawn curtains (other than the net variety or partly closed blinds). You should be able to see each other well. If you don't like what you see, you have the wrong ingredients. If you went to the bar, you've done the talking and drinking, so you can just get them off. If you have any skill in undressing provocatively, use it now. Helping each other to undress can be good. Don't tear the clothes off - we're trying to develop some mood and flavor here. Touching, licking and kissing during this process are good, but stick to necks, backs, and lips for the moment. Please don't be embarrassed about nakedness. Just accept it, look at it frankly and without shame, and touch it.

There's an important point here if the man is young, or inexperienced, or both. In that case we need the action to be slowed down, or the whole dish will be ruined. If this is the case, we have two choices. The couple can find some part of the apartment or house that has a wood, lino, or tiled floor, and spill that first too-quick load of the mans semen there where it can be cleaned up later. The man can masturbate himself - we usually know how to do that efficiently - with the woman's arm round his waist or neck, or holding his buttocks, watching. This will probably excite her. At the end let the woman take the last few gentle pulls that actually make the man come. Alternatively, if the woman is willing and proficient, sucking Dick to achieve the same result is good, either replacing the masturbation altogether, or just replacing those last few strokes. That way there should be no cleaning up to do later at all. (IMHO if you don't swallow, you don't give head - work on it girls, it's good protein.)

The couple should then retire to the bed, extending the music first if required. Remember again, full visibility, no bedcovers or such. Take tissues or lubricant and anything else you need with you, you won't be wanting to search for it later. Spend some time now with hands and lips going over each others bodies in some detail. I'm assuming everybody showered, so breasts, nipples, buttocks, and ass holes should all be in scope. Lots of kissing too please, as sloppy and lingering as you like. If the man is getting impatient at this point, he should have included the preceding step! By the time you've finished this stage of preparation, Dick should be hard (again?), and Pussy should be wet.

The objective of the next stage is to bring the woman to an orgasm, or at the very least to get her up to a plateau of high sexual excitement. Guys, don't be greedy at this stage! If you get this part of the recipe right, you'll get to be as greedy as you like shortly. You can use your hands/fingers, or your tongue. If you're using fingers, try starting by gently holding the outside of the woman's upper labia (at the top of Pussy) gently between your thumb and first two fingers, and rubbing the thumb and fingers gently in alternate directions so that the insides of the labia are rubbed together and over her clitoris on the inside.

Then later, wet your fingers and stroke her directly on the clitoris or elsewhere. The woman should guide firmly but patiently: Higher, lower, faster, slower, harder, softer. Do your best to make the man feel like an expert, not an idiot, OK? I believe both of you will find the tongue best for the final stages of this part. Guys, get in there, get your face wet, and again, take your woman's guidance. The woman should go for it at this stage, and come if possible. Don't hold back for what comes later, work rather on the basis that if you can get off now, you'll be good and relaxed and probably able to do it again soon. Some women like a lubricated finger up the ass while this is happening, but don't surprise her, ask. Maybe next time.

Remember the whole point of this stage is to achieve a degree of intimacy where all is open, and no holds are barred. It's to be like the third movement of a symphony, after which we should be gagging for the finale. And remember men, that if you've done your work right in the third, the finale can be as quick or slow as you like. Your woman should be happy and horny now. If she isn't you've only yourself to blame, and you're short changing yourself.

Before the finale, check lubricants, and if necessary apply condom or whatever. Then arrange yourselves in a suitable position. My suggestion for Afternoon Delight for people of average weight and fitness, is with the woman on her back with legs up in the air - a pillow under the buttocks might help, depending how flexible the man is. Put the legs on the mans shoulders for comfort. They don't need to be that well spread in this position. The man should squat on his haunches, ass close to heels, and legs akimbo, facing the woman so he can rock from the knees, holding the woman by her ass, legs, or breasts. The good thing about this position is that by adjusting the tightness of the squat, higher or lower, you can suit your entry angle to the geometry of your woman, and change it as you fuck to heighten the excitement for both.

Now slip Dick into Pussy. The woman should do this as a formal part of the proceedings, it's the ultimate sign of willingness. Then start with some nice relaxed slow strokes, playing with the angle. Move the squat up and down slightly, and skew to left and right, to find exciting and comfortable angles. As you do, take more vigorous strokes. Take Dick completely out occasionally, and slip it back in again. The woman for her part, should attempt to modify the grip of her vagina. Remember that men find both open and tight exciting in different ways. Tight is what we are taught is good, but a more open pussy can caress in a quite different way, like water weed touching your body as you swim. If the man is slow, nobody is to worry. Just continue with regular relaxed thrusting, gradually getting faster, and things will eventually look after themselves. If the man is fast, maybe keep it steady; pause for a while and kiss breasts or lips. After all this prep we'd like to enjoy it for a while.

Talk to each other if you do. Pull at each other to reinforce the thrusting, and let each other know where you are. Woman, if you're going to come, let him know in decent time so he can get excited by that thought and try and time himself with you. Man, if you know you're getting passed the point of no return, let her know. There's nothing much to be done at that point, but it's good for her to know. Try to pull toward each other and take a final kiss around this point. If you love each other, say so. If you don't, give some little verbal token of appreciation, then go for it! Doing a count-down can be good - ten, nine, eight, seven, oh God I'm coming!

After you've both (I hope) come, if you're supple enough, you can adjust from the crouch to the missionary position (face to face) without uncoupling. If not, quickly remove Dick, switch positions and get it back in before it gets too soft. Hold each other tightly like this for a while, with Dick as far in to Pussy as you can manage. For the women this can sometimes be the best time, and sometimes she may come now. She should wrap her legs round you at this stage, or pull you with her feet under your feet. Hang on in this way until Dick shrinks and/or drops out. But stay together still for a while. Back to belly on your sides is good, and you can jump out of bed long enough to change the music. But no rushing off to get showered or dressed. Mop up with tissues as required, and linger together for a while enjoying the smells and the touch, whether you're man and wife, or lovers, or strangers. It's little times like this that you'll remember in life.

When the mood breaks, get up together, and have another glass of wine as you wash and dress, and think about what and where you're going to eat. You should be hungry by now.