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Hot Doggie.

  • 20 minutes or more to spare,
  • A willing woman,
  • A willing man,
  • A sofa,
  • Some tissues or kitchen towel for cleanup, and lubricant if desired or necessary,
  • A towel or similar for the benefit of the sofa.

The doggie position is quite popular, both in real life, and in porn. However, I find it doesn't quite work for me, and I suspect that most men will have the same problem if their thigh bones aren't exactly the right length relative to the woman's thigh bones. When you're kneeling, you'll be too high or too low, and the angle won't be right. I suppose for an ideal marriage, a doggie test would be required to make sure you had a fit.

Hence the "Hot Doggie", which is my attempt at a recipe for doggie fashion that works like it should. You'll notice that I've required a sofa in the ingredients. The height of that is a bit critical too, but again, that's going to depend on the length of your shanks, so I can't make any definitive suggestion. A bed is almost certainly going to be too high. Put a towel or something on the sofa, or you'll end up with a sofa covered in cum stains like ours.

This is positively a 'foreplay-required' form of sex, even if it's just in the mind. Specifically, the woman needs to be horny enough to enjoy the proceedings before you start, since once you have, you're not going to be in a good position to do much for her. I'll leave the foreplay up to you, but I must remember to do a recipe for various appetizers sometime.

When everybody is ready, the woman should adopt a kneeling position on the sofa. However, unlike traditional doggie, she should get her head down to the level of the sofa, and stick her arse/ass in the air. The man is then going to stand with one foot on the floor, and the other leg bent with the foot on the sofa. (We've been into this before - if you get into this position, and can't see the woman, try turning round and putting the other foot on the floor.) He might find it comfortable to lean forward with some weight on the arm of the sofa. The advantage of this position is that you can adjust the height of your dick so that it's just right. Slip it in now, or rather, have the woman do it if she can reach, and go to it in whatever fashion suits the both of you. I find it exciting in this position to take it out occasionally and give it a couple of strokes with the hand, before plunging it back in.

This is of course also a handy position for an anal fuck, if you're into that kind of thing, in fact it's an easy position to make a mistake whether you're into it or not.

Also if you're into it, it's a good position for giving you're womans arse/ass a good spraying with semen. Just straighten your legs to give youself a bit of height, and point percy in the required direction. If you do this in conventional doggie position there's a good chance it will end up in her hair, because of the awkward angle thing, and then you won't be popular.

One of the occupational hazards of this position is that you'll probably end up with one foot jammed down the back of the sofa. You wouldn't notice that it hurt when it got jammed - brain elsewhere - but when you've finished, you may have a problem getting it out, but these things have their compensation, it will give your woman a laugh.