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When there's time, but not that much.

  • 20 minutes to spare,
  • A willing woman,
  • A willing man,
  • A surface, a firm bed, or a comfortable rug on the floor in a warm room,
  • Some tissues or kitchen towel for cleanup, and lubricant if desired or necessary.

This is what I'd classify as a regular fuck, at least since Terry had the operation on her leg. I guess everybody has their own version of a regular fuck. It will depend on body build, fitness, etc. - this is just one man's view. Basically, it's the one you have with your regular partner when you both have the inclination and the time, and nobody is feeling particularly needy or kinky.

It's likely that one of you is coming to this relatively cold, since it's unusual for both parties to turn to each other simultaneously and say "Want to fuck?". Somebody has usually been thinking about it, and the other hasn't. Foreplay is therefore a requirement. No doubt you know better than I do what suits your partner, but we'll treat this in the spirit of a cookery recipe.

You may want to undress each other, but on the other hand, if you're as bad with bra straps as I am, it may be more efficient if each of you undress yourselves. You'd think I'd have got better with bra straps over the years, but no. Anyway, once you're naked, a standing cuddle makes a good start. Kiss your lover on the lips and neck and shoulders, and run your fingers down his/her spine, and over his/her arse/ass. Hint, if you tend to have cold hands, go and wash them in hot water before you get started. After the cuddle, take to the surface. There should be more kissing there, all over each other's bodies. But this should transfer fairly quickly on the part of the man to the woman's nipples, and become licking and sucking. The woman may like to do the same to the man's dick. Not too much of that now, or we'll end up in the wrong recipe.

After a little of this - we haven't got all day - the man should transfer his attention and his mouth and tongue to the pussy. It's usually good to start with rather long sloppy licks starting at the lower end of the pussy, and going right up to the top. In the course of this, you'll probably find the spot of the day. The woman should assist in this by reacting appropriately - raising the arse/ass, or digging in with finger nails when the appropriate spot is touched by the tongue. Once the pair of you have located it, the man should give it some fairly serious attention. Rapid side to side and up and down licking, and sucking. The woman is allowed to have an orgasm at this stage if she feels like it. Unlike us poor men, women don't get sexually disabled by having an orgasm, and do stay in a state of excitement. Either way, the object of the pussy eating is to get the woman some way up the sexual curve.

The woman should tell the man when she's ready. Don't be coy, tell him you want it inside you now! She should then adopt the position I described for the quickie, but not on the edge of the bed. That is, she should lie on her side, and raise the knee of the top leg up toward her chin. The man should squat on his haunches, with one foot just south of the woman's arse/ass, and the other in the crook of her top leg. You shouldn't be able to miss at that range, but as part of the sexual protocol between lovers, the woman should guide the dick into the pussy anyway.

This is a good penetration position, so the man should be able to give some good long strokes. He can start slowly, taking it out and putting it back in occasionally. But if he's done his prep correctly the woman should want some more vigorous action quite soon. The bed is good for this, because if you grab her and pull her by the ass, and go in and out hard, you'll probably find that the weight of your bodies, and the springing of the mattress resonate at a natural frequency that's pretty good for the job. The floor doesn't give the same assistance.

As I've said before, talking dirty isn't obligatory, but many couples like to do it. At the minimum you should warn each other about impending events. If the man's getting on for there, he should ask if it's OK to go for it now. Similarly, the woman should tell the man to go fast and come into her if she's close, or simply wants to feel the man come. He'll be glad of the guidance, there's nothing more satisfying than being given the go ahead in this respect.

Once the deed is done, the man will suddenly remember that he has knees. In fact they may remind him quite forcefully at this point, especially if you're my age, and he'll have to get off and uncoil them. Do not just get up and go at this point, that's bad manners. Straighten your legs out and mop up a bit by all means, but then lie with your woman for a while until you get your breath back, and revert to the cuddling. Cuddling is a foundation of a good relationship.

One of you will decide when this is done. Then you can both be on your way, better equipped for the tasks of the day, or if it's bed time, ready to sleep well.