COMPO is a graphical design program of the label-maker genre. However, it does it's best to escape from that mold, and to offer a rather broad set of capabilities without being as 'technical' as GIMP.

For example, it puts considerable emphasis on generic paper sizes, foldings, and guillotine cuts. Examples are trifold fliers, pin-up eye-catchers, tent cards, and business cards. These can be made using plain paper or card stock in sizes and layouts that you choose, design, and cut for yourself.

It is also happy to export your composition to a graphics file that you can send as an email attachment for an e-greeting card, or whatever.

Of course it also supports widely available commercial label and card stock designs of both the regular grid and mixed size types.

Currently it is available for the Ubuntu and Debian flavors of Linux. A Windows version might follow if there is any demand.

From the sublime, to the ridiculous!

It's also an application you can have fun with. Most of us don't spend enough time these days doing things that are creative. It could also be good for kids too to learn some basics about geometry and design.