DCat Change Log.

This is not necessarily comprehensive. Will attempt to update it as I go in the future.
  • 28/5/2009 - Revised TinyXML to improve useability. Added JSON implementation.
  • 11/5/2009 - Modified the DCat spec to take account of inconsistencies/lies discovered by previous item.
  • 11/5/2009 - Stiffened up the code to read the ASD file and made it apply appropriate defaults from AppSet --> Application correctly.
  • 10/5/2009 - Added gpmf.dll to the zip file. This needs to be copied to the Windows\System32 directory to make the eventlogger work correctly.
  • 11/5/2009 - Fixed hard-coded path to dcat.map in dcat\loader.d.
  • 7/5/2009 - Fixed bug that was causing VirtualProtect to fail.
  • 6/5/2009 - Version 0.004 - Allocate/free memory for DML loadable object image using VirtualAlloc/VirtualProtect/VirtualFree.
  • 4/5/2009 - Exception --> Throwable where appropriate.
  • 3/5/2009 - Version 0.003 - Added some semblance of error handling. Exception DCatException sprinkled liberally, and automatic generation of HTML error pages implemented.
  • 2/5/2009 - Minor modifications to get insertion points (<%xxx%>) working Added anexample application - Appip. Version is now 0.002.
  • 1/5/2009 - At last, got a download of DMD1.043. Modified the DCat code so it will compile and run with both DMD1 and current DMD2. Happy May Day!
  • 28/4/2009 - Updated the documentation to correct some errors, and add descriptions of the example applications.
  • 28/4/2009 - Reorganized the DCat web pages.
  • 28/4/2009 - Created appstate example application. Tweaked the state propagation code in dcatimpl.d to make it work properly.
  • 27/4/2009 - Resuscitated old Javascript XML parser and added to distribution [TODO: Bring this more into alignment with tinyxml.d].
  • 26/4/2009 - Rebuilt the example PIO .obj files with 2.029.
  • 26/4/2009 - Lowercased all the D file names.
  • 26/4/2009 - Modified the makefile to add bevutils.timestamp and bevutils.stringutils.
  • 26/4/2009 - Fixed numerous other errors kicked up by the 2.029 compiler.
  • 26/4/2009 - Andrei dropped the StringWriter struct, so I have added a StringBuilder class in bevutils.stringutils. This new module also contains a fromStringz function that made it easier to tidy up servicebase.d. Applied these where necessary.
  • 26/4/2009 - Removed the redundant logF template function from Log4D - there's now just one log method log(int, ...). Removed all the logF calls in the DCat code.
  • 25/4/2009 - Abandoned datetime.d and dateparse.d for now - lots of changes in D2.029, and I want to revisit them. For now, have made a cut-down module - timestamp.d - just enough for Log4D.

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