BritsEyeView simple Internet speed test.

What does this do?

This test to determine your working Internet connection speed may well give you less of a rosy glow than other tests out there on the Internet. However, given the nature of todays web pages, with lots of components fetched separately, or in the background, it may well be more realistic. It will also give you an impression of the variability in the speed of your connection. For more detail see below the main display.

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The test consists of 14 steps that fetch blocks of dummy data of increasing sizes, with the smaller sizes repeated. Each step first requests a single byte, notes the time taken to get that, then asks for the actual block size for that step (plus one), and notes the time taken to get that. The step result is the difference between these times, so it is the data transfer time that is effectively measured, the overhead of asking for the data is eliminated.

You will probably see that smaller blocks take a disproportionately long time. It is important to note this, since many web pages are built from small pieces, or fetch small pieces in the background. This may make the test more realistic.

The implementation uses jQuery AJAX calls to a PHP server script. It may be biased toward users with lower Internet speeds like us users here in Africa ;=(