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Weight, Measures AgencyWeights & Measures Agency accused of rampant corruption

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By Sylivester Domasa

5th June 2015

The Weight and>Weights & Measures Agency (WMA) has been accused of corrupt practices, according to a task force formed to investigate the operations of the agency. The WMA is the government’s executive agency responsible for fair trade transactions through certification of weights and measures.

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The task forceforce, comprising officials from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and WMAWMA, was sent across the country six months ago as part of an anti-corruption drive.

Presenting the WMA corruption baseline survey to stakeholders in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Sabina Seja, PCCB Director of Research and Control said Inspection unit recorded 19.5 per cent of corrupt practices higher than other units.

What inspection unit? Ambiguous statement of percentage.

the WMA Inspection unit recorded the highest percentage of corrupt practices at 19.5%. Other WMA units with the most prevalent corruption practices included the Procurement of Weighing and Measuring Instruments, Working Standards (18.1 per cent18.1%) while bribes in Pattern Approval of Manufactured or Imported Instruments was perchedstood at 17.3 per cent%.

Corruption practices on Initial Verification of Imported Instruments stood at 15.8 per cent%, misuse of public office at 15.1% and 5.3% was reported as graftsgraft during special operations.

The new study which was conducted in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Iringa, Kilimanjaro, Mara, Mbeya, Morogoro, Ruvuma, Mwanza and Tabora regions involved key informants and field group discussions targeting at least 1370 samples.

Magdalena Chuwa, the WMA Chief Executive Officer said the purpose of the survey was initially to understand the scope of the corruption problem in the agency.
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"We believe the agency plays a significant role in the country’s economic development. We wanted to identify the kind of corruption we face and why it has been escalating," Chuwa said in the meeting.

She said the new findings will help the agency propose ways to combat such corruption practices for the betterment of consumers, producers and the government as well.
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Presiding over the workshop, Hab Mkwizu, Acting Permanent Secretary President’s Office (Public Service Management), described weights and measures as an specialessential component for the country’s economic development. He explained that be it with the raw materials, WMA remains a critical  component to ensure customers get the required products in quantity and quality and at the end of the day the government also gets the deservingappropriate share in tax revenue. The facility according to the government official The PS explained that the activities of the WMA also helps get actualmore accurate figures for decisions making.
// 'be it with raw materials' adds no value to the sentence. 'deserving' makes a value judgment. 'Actual' is somewhat ambitious. If these are things he actually said, then his remarks should be enclosed in quotation marks.

He tasked the responsible authority tosaid that the WMA should ensure WMAthat its officials and people perform their duties diligently without fear or favour and therefore it should follow the rightin accordance with its stipulated procedures.
// 'tasked' is very vague, and the responsible authority is presumably the WMA.

Citing the issue of agriculture, the PSMkwizu said "for sustainable agricultural production farmers also need actual agro-input measures to boost productivity." Mkwizu wasHe was also concerned to note little effortsthat there was little effort to check illegal importation of weights and measures instruments and dishonest businessmen who pose a serious threat to the country’s economy.
The sentence starting 'for sustainable'should be in quotes if that is what he said. The reader will then know he is on his own in interpreting it. If the author is summarizing, then something like 'farmers need accurate measures of items such as seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.'

He went on to say "I am told services have expanded. It is high time therefore that responsible authority look for alternative measures of imposing import subsidy or tax waiver on measures and instruments to improve service delivery,” he proposed.". In additional, the permanent secretaryPS urged the government to consider the possibility of reviewing the WMA legislation to accommodate stern penaltyies on culprits.

The report made a number of recommendations:

The Agency was established in 1999 in pursuance to the Executive Agencies Act Number 30 of 1997 to replace the former Directorate of Weights and Measures under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The movechange was part of the then ongoing Public Reform Programme (PSRP) to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery. The Agency is under the Chief Executive as the Commissioner. In order to make services reachable to theall customers, the Agency has regional offices in all the regions of Tanzania. The offices are manned by skilled officers with experience and knowledge in legal metrology - the science of measurement.